The Card Access Security Office manages all electronic door access. To ensure campus safety, only authorized students, faculty, staff, and campus partners can enter designated buildings or rooms. Granting access to individuals requires authorized agents’ review with final approval from the Card Access Security Operations.

CASO Hours of Operations
Monday – Friday, 7:00 am – 4:00 pm
(703) 993-1004

Access TypesContact
Report Unsecured Doors (After-Hours)Contact Mason Police’s non-emergency number
(703) 993-2810
Residence HallsContact Housing and Residence Life staff for assistance.
Physical Keys or LocksContact the Key Control Office for instructions.
Individualized Access Control
Customize access duration and limit for individual users
Tier-Level Admin Control
Three-tier level approval process ensures safety and correct personnel request
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The Card Access Security Office seeks to process requests within 5 days of submission. Use the Bulk Request Spreadsheet (xls) to request access for five or more people or insufficient spaces on the form.


The George Mason University closed circuit television (CCTV) is classified as a highly sensitive system. As a result of this classification, access to the system is highly restricted. Individuals must submit a request, and granting access is based on a case-by-case basis.

Restricted Access
Approved personnel only with limited access to camera locations and time durations
Tier-level Request Process
Multi-level approval with strictly enforced guidelines and university policies
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Mason employees may request access to specified security cameras or the release of the footage. To comply with university internal control standards and confidential information regulations, follow the links below for instructions on requesting access to information.


Attendance readers are a mobile-based system that allows departments to gain customer insights on attendance and demographic data for events, classes, or other services. The attendance reader comprises an Android-based tablet and a USB tap reader. The tablet will run the Atrium Activities app, and customer information will be collected when tapping the Mason ID on the tap reader.

Enhanced event experiences
Streamline guest check-in with a simple and fast process
Attendance Insights
Learn attendance insights with customized reports
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The Attendance Readers can benefit administrative staff with flexible functionality and greater security protection. Visit below for helpful articles.


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