Double Card Access

Double Card allows the authorized cardholder to lock and unlock spaces, like having the door on a schedule. To lock or unlock a space, tap twice on the door reader with a valid Mason ID.

  • This access, however, is only available for interior doors and not building entrances.
  • This feature is active during normal building operating hours. To gain access outside of regular hours, employees may submit requests and access upon approval.
  • Double Card is only available to Mason employees, which excludes students, student wage employees, or visitors.



Card Access

Install Standards

Below are Mason’s design standards for all renovations and new installations to ensure a safe a secure campus. George Mason University – Security Design Standards

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Card Access

Integrator Standards

Linked below are our standards that all integrators are responsible for following while working at George Mason. These integrator standards ensure a supportable install by

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Card Access

Request Authorizer Change

Link Signature Authority Form (SAF) Instructions Follow the instructions below to grant an individual to become an Authorizing Agent to manage electronic access for designated

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